Argentina - Cuba - Colombia - France: 7 Seas Productions

With over 20 successful years of navigating diverse terrain and challenging requests, 7 Seas know a thing or two about productions and wearing many hats!  

With local offices in Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, the South of France and the Alps, 7 Seas Productions have the seasons mastered. If you need vast natural scenescapes, then Argentina is prime right now. If you need the summer heat and pristine beaches, then Colombia is for you. And if you are looking for grand interiors and architecture, Cuba is unbeatable! What about those needing snow? The Alps in Chamonix are full of powder and the South of France, well it is always romantic and atmospheric.  

International clients can leave the paperwork to the 7 Seas team and remain focused on the bigger picture, getting the money shot!

Why not make yourself look “in-the-know” with your clients, and partner with 7 Seas on productions in Latin America and the South of France for guaranteed smooth sailing.   

What do Hermès, GQ, Zimmermann, Monsoon, NET-a-PORTER and Tatler all have in common? 7 Seas took them somewhere they had never been!

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